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THAGO provide quality Flow Meter is widely use in all type of industries to  accurately and precisely monitor liquid flow. Different type of Flow Meter work best in their own specific use case. Reach out to us now to know more.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food, power, paper making, water treatment, petrochemical, medicine etc

Turbine Flow Meter


Flow measurement of tap water, demineralised water and chemicals, fuels, marine engine fuel monitoring, vegetable oil, thermal oil and solvents. There is also special models which customise to suit refrigerants, pharmaceutical fluid, cryogenic fluids, liquefied gases and high-pressure applications.

Precession Vortex Flow Meter


Without movable mechanical parts inside, Precession Vortex Flow Meter is in-corrosive, reliable and stable. Precession Vortex Flow Meter have long service life, long time running and do not require special maintanance.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter

thermal gas.JPG

NKD Thermal Mass Flow Meter is mainly used for measuring gases with low flow. The precision range could reach up to 1:1000 ratio. This is much better than the gas flow meter available on the market. NKD Thermal Mass Flow Meter have high accuracy, stable performance, support multiple flow units which switch seamlessly.

Oval Gear Oil Flow Meter

oval gear.JPG

Oval Gear Oil Flow Meter is immune to the most viscous of fluids, which make it ideally suited for measurement of viscous fluids or those with varying viscosities such as oils, syrups and fuels.

Water Meter

woltman flowmeter.JPG

Measuring the volume of cold (hot) water passing through the pipeline.


THAGO also supplier to niche market and provide different kind of rare Flow Meter which could be hard to search in the market.

metal tube.JPG
orific platge.JPG
diesel fuel meter.JPG
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