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Penstocks have many applications in the arrest and control of liquid flow. They are used on Waterways, Power plants, Industrial effluent plants, Drainage and Flood control as well as being used in large numbers on water, waste water and sewage treatment plants.

Penstocks, unlike valves, are normally fitted into or onto the civil structure framework, either in channels or over an aperture in a wall. The channels and apertures are sized to accept a range of flow situations and the penstocks are required to suit the individual needs.


Consideration has to be given to a number of other parameters, these include:


>Penstock type - Open, shut, modulating, weir

>Mounting configuration - Channel, Wall, Thimble

>Seating direction - On, Off

>Pressure - Static, Operational

>Operation/Operator - Manual, Prime mover, (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)

Testing Bench

Penstock Testing Bench


SPAN Approval

SGS Conformity Certificate

Flap Valve

Fiber Steel Flap Valve Catalogue

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