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Transmitter Flange Standards

Within this industry, you must have been familiar, or at least heard of the terms "ANSI", "PN" or "JIS". All the valves, pipes and instruments always come with these terms in their specifications. Are you wondering what they really is?

As you might have already know, they are the Transmitter Flange standards to be found worldwide and different region have their preference on the standards to be use.

  • ANSI, which stand for "America Society of Mechanical Engineers" is the standard introduce from U.S. For example: ANSI 150#, ANSI 300#, ANSI 800#, ANSI 1500# and etc.

  • PN/DIN, come from European and also known as German flange manufacturing standards which governed by "Deutsches Institut für Normung" (DIN). For your information. Some commonly use DIN standards would be: PN16, PN40 and etc.

  • JIS, another commonly used standards worldwide. JIS stand for "Japanese Industry Standard" which without any doubt is the standard introduce by Japan. Commonly used JIS standards would be: JIS 5K, JIS 10k, JIS 20k and etc.

But wait, if different region would have their own preference on the Transmitter Flange standards, why have I been dealing with all this 3 types of standards in Malaysia? Well, this have to do with Malaysia history and industrial revolution. Malaysia have always been popular among global investors due to it unique geographical location. Many investor have invested in Malaysia and they bring in technologies and convention which result in the Malaysia's market "multi-standards" situation (oh well... it could have related to our multi-races and multi-lingual to some extend)

If you are having trouble to understand and source for valves and instrument come with all different standards, reach out to us now. We have experienced sales personnel with expertise which can solve your problem in no time.

Contact our salesman (as below) or check out our website ( for more info: North Malaysia & Sarawak: Daniel (+6019-714 1844) South Malaysia: Jac (+6016-771 4948) & Wang (+6017-771 9833) Sabah: Westley (+6019-759 1844)

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